About Us

I’ve been presenting the Two Greatest Commandments since 1983. And it is still the
most satisfying time I spend with God as He reveals His Love for me, how to love Him
with all my heart and mind and soul, how to love myself, and how to love my neighbor
as I love myself.

Experiencing God’s love for us, our love for Him, our love for ourselves and our love for
our neighbor changes us.

So how did this Foundation get started? I was living in Madison, Wisconsin in 1981
when my Pastor asked me to lunch, wanting me to explain what I was teaching to some
of the young girls in our church. He asked me to create worksheets and copyright this
material, and then asked if he could take these worksheets to Pastor retreats. And it
kind of took on a life of its own. During that season of my life as I was parenting with
all the homes and animals and gardens and after-school activities that went with it,
I was asked to volunteer speaking and presenting this material to groups, churches
and at Christian organizations. And so I kind of fell into it and found I had a bit of
talent at it.

This second season of my life has been a soul searching for what has been the most
important and satisfying work I have done besides parenting, and I decided to pursue
this passion for The Two Greatest Commandments. The Heart of our Foundation is a
continuation of that religious charity work started back in 1981 to promote, stimulate
and advance personal and community growth and spiritual development.

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