On our evaluation sheets, “we’d love to hear your thoughts. Your
 and ideas are very important to us,” this is what some
people wrote…..

Beautiful Workshop. I like the specifics you give and ways you suggest
we focus on God to solve our problems by first knowing His Love. And I
was not aware of doing topical studies of the Bible to get the whole counsel
of God. I love the specifics: First love God, second love yourself, then love
your neighbor. As in an airplane, the saying is to put the oxygen mask on
yourself first, then you can help your child. God is helping in Healings.
– Mary F. 

Good presentation. I’m encouraged by the large audience.
Your audience was very receptive.
– Chuck C.

Thank you for your lesson on God’s Love. It is so important that the foundation
of it all starts here in His love. I am glad I came with my friend to hear of God’s
Love and to hear your soothing voice.
– Anonymous 

The teaching was lovely and practical. A deep teaching, though
accessible and easy to grasp.
– Anonymous

Roberta-Anne, you have really lit my fire this morning. Thank You!
– Anonymous

I loved your presentation of majoring on the majors. I agree with
all you said and do and wish for others to hear you. Please continue
your presentations – it is so needed in our Christian community.
– Anonymous

It is a very well planned and thought through and a gentle way of presenting.
Thank you for your encouragement.
– Anonymous

This morning was very reassuring. A great refresher to help me
keep focus. And a great reminder of God’s love for us and His love
in us. It was a great time to sit and LISTEN!
– Anonymous

Very well done! Thank you for the gift of sharing your love! You do live
what you speak and what you proclaim. Lots of Love to you! Many
Blessings. Let’s chat more when I see you.
– Jeanette L. 

Thank You. I enjoyed the 1 Corinthians book, and changing the
pronouns to make it personal for me was very helpful.
– Anonymous

I’m glad I came. I have a better understanding of the phrase, “we love God
because He first loved ” I appreciated the repetition of the 1 Corinthians 13
description of love from each perspective; from God to me, from me to God,
from me to myself, and from me to others. The interaction was also helpful.
– Alice L.

Today has been inspiring and nourishing for me. The blessing
of your beautiful voice will stay with me, Roberta-Anne, as God’s
holy word returns over and over. The meditative mood you created
provides safety for insights I’ve been needing. Your repetition of
scripture and God’s love worked very well for me.
– Virginia

Excellent. I’m hearing more about God’s love for me. And I am looking
forward to your next presentation of the “Two Greatest”.
– Chuck C.

It was excellent! Thank you for the clarity and simplicity that you
presented. I agree with all the truth you shared and rejoice that
you’re sharing your gifts with us. I feel sad that more did not hear you.
– Anonymous

I really appreciate the repeating of verses 1 Corinthians 13 for all circumstances.
It was helpful for me to know God’s definition of Love; His Love for me, Mine for
HIM, Mine for self and Mine for my neighbor. I needed this NOW.
– Anonymous

Well prepared and well thought out. Weaving in the Scriptures was
a very effective, warm and peaceful presentation for me. Bless you.
– Maria

Your message of grace and mercy and the sides of the cross is easy to
understand. Right here and now, love here and face to face is truth.
Listening, your voice is very calming and your greetings and individual
attention is an example. Beautiful! Thank You. I enjoyed this so very much.
And it was nice to have met you.
– Marianne

I now see how putting God in the forefront of all my thinking, speaking
and actions as I learn to 1. love God above all, 2. love myself, and 3. love
my neighbor, ties to God that we are all one unit.
– Marlene

I feel this time together was prayer bathed and most spirit led. It is grounded on
association with the Gospel. The content is nondenominational, which I appreciate.
Thank you!
– Mike C. 

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